Clean tasty tap water for everyone

Our mission is to provide simple, affordable and sustainable solutions for clean tasty tap water.

Our PROMISE is safe tap water

This is what we've achieved so far with our community of

Our Team

Who's behind TAPP Water?

TAPP Water was founded in Barcelona, Spain to meet a specific need: to give users great-tasting, high-quality tap water. We’re a multidisciplinary international team motivated by the desire to improve and simplify our customers’ lives and, hand-in-hand with them, have a positive impact on our planet.

TAPP Waters mission is to create simple and affordable solutions for clean tap water in a sustainable way. The product are designed and developed in Europe, manufuted in China/Taiwan and independently tested in each market we are active in.

TAPP Water Nigeria  became the exclusive distributor in 2020. Since then we’ve worked closely with the local authorities to test and certify the products for local use. This includes SONCap