TAPP 1 UF 2-pack Refill Cartridges


Cartridge Refills for TAPP 1 UF

Box content

  • 2-pack of replacement refill cartridges for TAPP 1 UF
  • Fits with all TAPP 1 filters sold in Nigeria
  • Each refill cartridge lasts 3-6 months*

* The capacity is about 1200-2000 L. Depending on water quality it may last somewhere between 3-6 months. Always replace within 6 months.


  • Save money – approximately 100,000 nairas per year
  • Convenience – avoid having to carry home 1000 kg water per year
  • Healthier – no microplastics, hormones or other contaminants from bottled water
  • Sustainable – reduce plastic consumption and CO2 by 98% compared to bottled water

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1 review for TAPP 1 UF 2-pack Refill Cartridges

  1. muhammed bagana

    Muhammed Musa

    I’ve been using TAPP 1 UF for the past 4 months and just changed my cartridges after the water flow was reduced and the taste wasn’t as good anymore. Now the water flows and tastes great again.

    Thanks TAPP!

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