TAPP Shower Filter


  • Soft skin and healthy hair: Bid farewell to dry skin and fragile hair. Reduce eczema, fragile nails, dandruff and hair loss.
  • The only independently lab certified shower filter (using KDF-55) proven to reduce chlorine and limescale.
  • Eliminates chlorine and reduces limescale and mould. Easy installation, without tools. Fits on all standard faucets between faucet and hose or between hose and shower head.
  • First cartridge included. Each cartridge has a lifetime of approx. 6 months. Track with MyTAPP. Refills available here.

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  • Contact the TAPP Team for any questions.

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Product Description


Easy to install

Install it in a few seconds, without tools or plumber. TAPP 1s is compatible with all standard showers.


Easy to install


Easy to use


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