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The world’s first ultrafiltration water filter that provides tasty clean drinking water directly from the tap. Designed and tested for tap water in Nigeria. Certified by SonCap.


    • Healthy, great-tasting water thanks to advanced 4-stage ultrafiltration and activated carbon technology that removes over 100 substances
    • Instant filtering with cartridges that last 3-6 months*.
    • Easy to install. No need for tools. Adapters are available if needed

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The TAPP 1 UF is the most advanced faucet filter ever made.


  • Save money – approximately 100,000 nairas per year
  • Convenience – avoid having to carry home 1000 kg water per year
  • Healthier – no microplastics, hormones or other contaminants from bottled water
  • Sustainable – reduce plastic consumption and CO2 by 98% compared to bottled



What’s included in the TAPP 1 UF box?

The box includes:

  • 1 filter that will last at least 5 years
  • 1 refill cartridge that will provide 3-6 months (up to 2000 L) * of tasty clean tap water
  • 1 year warranty (register online to extend it to 2 years
  • 1 extra adapter **

* The capacity is about 1200-2000 L. Depending on water quality it may last somewhere between 3-6 months. Always replace within 6 months.

** Additional adapters can be requested free of charge or purchased in your local hardware store.


Independentely Certified for sales in Nigeria by

Soncap certified nigeriacotecna certification nigeria

Download the TAPP Water soncap certififcate for Nigeria

Independently tested by several of the top Water Labs in Europe. Read more about the water quality testing and analysis here.


TAPP 1 UF Water Filter comparison table

Note: We reviewed the water filters available in retail and market places in October 2021 and found that none of them had any certifications and almost all were unknown Chinese brands.


Easy installation: attaches to standard taps in just a few seconds.

Guaranteed compatibility with all round screw taps with a diameter between 16 and 24 mm. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and send a photo of your tap. We can supply extra adaptors for free 😉

12.4 x 7.4 x 10.9 cm; 363 g


The refill is the part that filters the water – it’s the only piece you’ll need to replace every 3-6 months to prevent the build-up of substances and blockage of the filter.
The filter removes 99.9% of bacteria, chlorine (the cause of the unpleasant taste), sand, rust and sediments, lead, mercury, salmonella, legionella, pesticides, herbicides, medication waste, nitrates and other substances > 0.01-0.1μm (micrometres)
The refills, use 4-stage Ultra-Advanced Microfiltration technology to filter more than 100 substances from tap water while retaining the essential minerals in the original water.
Replace the refill with a new one 3 months after its first use. To do so, unscrew the used refill and screw on a new one.
You’ll receive a personalised email reminder 7 days before the change date by signing up to MyTAPP free of charge.
  • Only run hot water through the filter when the lever is set to NON-filtered.
  • Do not wash the filter with soap.
  • If you haven’t used the filter for several days, run the water through it for 20 seconds before using.
  • Do not expose the filter to heat.
  • The cartridge must be changed every 3 months. Learn why below.



What are the advantages of TAPP 1 UF vs other water filters?

TAPP 1 UF is the only independently tested and certified faucet water filter for Nigeria*. It provides clean tasty tap water at a cost that is much lower than bottled water or reverse osmosis filters.

Other advantages include

  • Higher flow-rate of 2-4 L / min vs 0.2 L / min for gravity filters and about 1 L / min for most RO filters
  • Easy installation without the need for a professional plumber
  • Easy to maintain and change the cartridges
  • Doesn’t waste any water
  • Designed and developed in Europe with some of the most stringent health standards in the world

* Don’t take our word for it. Ask other filter manufacturers if they can provide you with a certificate.

What is Ultrafiltration?

Ultrafiltration is filtration of praticles less than one micrometer. This includes bacteria, viruses and other nanoparticles. TAPP 1 UF is one of the first water filters to provide ultrafiltration in a compact faucet filter format thanks to the patented nanofiber technology. No other filter this size removes as many contaminants including bacteria as TAPP 1 UF.

How does TAPP 1 UF Ultrafiltration filter compare to Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtered technology has been the only choice in many countries up until recently. In theory RO filters can remove 99% or more of contaminants from tap water including bacteria, heavy metals and other bad substances. But not all RO filters are created equal. The more expensive ones can have membranes that reduce contaminants by 99.9% whereas cheaper products may be more like 80%. Therefore it’s critical that the RO filter you are considering buying provides independent testing and certifications for their claims.

TAPP 1 UF reduces bacteria by 99.9% thanks to the advanced ultrafiltration technology combined with high water pressure from the faucet. This is as good as any RO filter.

How do I know if my faucet/tap at home is compatible with the filter?

We guarantee that our system is compatible with 95% of round threaded taps. The non-compatible commercially available taps are shown below: img-wrap


Our filters are able to filter the tap water in all areas of Nigeria that have access to public tap water or a water well unless heavily contaminated by industrial waste. Our ultrafiltration technology removes over 100 water contaminants, among them chlorine (the main cause of tap water’s unpleasant taste), bacteria, microplastics, lead, nitrates and nitrites (only measurable using special lab equipment).

Click here to see the independent lab test results.

For more information visit http://tappwater.co


3 reviews for TAPP 1 UF FILTER

  1. muhammed bagana

    Ibrahim Asani

    I’ve always avoided drinking the tap water in Lagos. Since installing TAPP 1 UF it taste great and I feel safe for my whole family to drink it. We save money and don’t have to carry home lots of bottles of water every week. The product is a small piece of magic.

  2. muhammed bagana

    Chinara Abudakar

    Good water filter. This is designed and developed in Europe with a good customer service and a mission statement to help reduce plastic in the world. It’s independently tested for Nigeria by Cotecna. Filtered water taste is like bottled water.

  3. Bethel Okereke

    Olabisi Okereke

    I installed it for my home in Abuja to save money. Was easy to install and taste and water quality is better than expected. Would be good if I could get the water cold as well. Maybe you could connect it to a cooling device?

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